Institute of Mental Health Addiction and Mental Health (IMAN), Neurostimulation Allied Profession, Electrophysiology and Neuroimaging Section of Indonesian Psychiatry Association will work together on joint project the 2nd World of Addiction (WoA) and 5th Asia Pacific Neurofeedback Association (APNA) Conference.

The 1st World of Addiction has been success with a good number of excellence presenters from local and international, the variety of topics bring new insight in mental health and addiction field, also creating network among participants after the event.

Due to the success of previous conference, now WoA is back by request. Now we collaborate with new scientifically based medical technology that will become mainstream soon: neurofeedback and neurostimulation. We will witness technological breakthrough that create exciting opportunity to improve outcomes of patient with psychiatry and neurology disorder. This event will share novel technology that help us understand better the nature of neurology and psychiatry disease and refresh our basic assumptions about the structure and modalities of mental health, neurology and addiction treatment.

Our conference will encourage collaboration across multi-discipline: psychiatrist, neurologist, physiologist, psychologist, pharmacist, mental health professional, allied profession, government-organized and non-governmental organization . We encourage them to explore, demonstrate, analyze and debate how we may develop new technology that will redefine the mental health, neurology and addiction filed by generating new science and practice. Let’s join us to create new knowledge and inventing the future of services.

Dr. Iman Firmansyah, Sp.KJ, SH
Dr. dr. Suzy Yusna Dewi, SpKJ(K), MARS

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